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DFW Airport Identification/Access Badge Application Page 1 of 9 To be completed by Applicant Last Name First Name Middle Name You must provide your full legal name last first and middle name at the top of every page of the application. Social Security No. - Date of Birth Name of Employer / Dept. Information provided on this application including individual social security numbers will be used by the Airport Board and the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration...
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The man caught on surveillance cameras running through the airport is late for a flight to Las Vegas but come to find out it's the rest of the flying public taking the gamble that's because he's no ordinary passenger but an off-duty airport employee and he's using a security badge and Airport privileges to skip passenger screening a fellow airport employee aware of what he's doing stops him at the gate before he boards the plane when airport police interrogate the worker he tells them how he did it leaving his car in an employee parking lot he takes the employee bus to the terminal and then goes through an employee entrance where all he had to do was swipe his badge his bags are never searched then he casually mentions something else that's right the man has a permit to carry and he's got a loaded gun in the trunk of his car the cop is incredulous so it is a major threat ken Casper eysan is the former head of TSA nationally and at MSP he believes the greatest threat to aviation are not passengers who we spend billions of dollars to screen but thousands of airport workers who walk into the airport and are seldom checked more than 11,000 workers at MSP carry what's known as a cytopatch granting them various levels of security clearance essentially the keys to the airport there are numerous access points around the airport why risk trying to go through several layers of security through a checkpoint when it's very easy one to to get hired to get a badge to get aside a badge and basically be able to avoid all that and secrete those type of prohibited items on board an aircraft Somalia three weeks ago a suicide bomber is blown out of a jet leaving a gaping hole in the fuselage surveillance video at the Mogadishu Airport catches an airport employee handing him a suspected bomb disguised as a laptop Egypt last October a Russian jet has brought down over the Sinai and Isis takes credit showing off a homemade soda can bomb investigators believe it may have been planted by a ramp agent working at the airport our man at MSP was also a ramp agent who guides in planes and loads cargo and had the same kind of access to the tarmac he'd only been working at the airport for eight months but the Fox nine investigators discovered he's not the only one taking that same shortcut to trouble this man works at the airport loading cargo but on this day he's going on vacation that's him waving to his family that's his family waving back that's the TSA agent wondering how he got through security without his ticket this is another off-duty worker who loads cargo taking a vacation you can see him coming in through a side door his security badge visible and on the back of every side a badge it couldn't be more clear it's even underlined it's only for performance of official job duties and using your badge to bypass the screening process to board a flight is grounds for revocation when it comes to the airport workers that intelligence piece has got to be better when you look...
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